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About Mastermoves.eu

Our goal is to be the best appreciated and best user-friendly boardgames site. Period! Yes, we are aware that's some kind of goal, but if you're not aiming for that #1 spot, you'll never get there anyway!

Mastermoves.eu is based in the Netherlands and was founded in May 2006.

The people behind Mastermoves.eu are:
Corné van Moorsel, the inventor of games like Streetsoccer, SeaSim, Titikaka, and more from Cwali games. Corné is the man with the ideas and inspiration.
Ronald Lokers, who is a professional developer. Ronald is the one who programs the website and the games.

Special thanks to Guido van den Heuvel (guyhill) for his great design of the user interface.


If you have any questions or remarks about the games or the website, please use the forums for that. If our friendly community doesn't help you out, our webmasters will try to reply as soon as possible.

If the forums can't provide you with the feedback you require, you can send an email to our webmaster.

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