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EinStein würfelt nicht!

The latest action in EinStein würfelt nicht!!

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Rules of 'EinStein würfelt nicht!'

Summary: Race to the other side of the board or take all your opponent's stones.

Start: Each player controls 6 stones. The stones are set up randomly on opposite corners of a board of 5x5 square fields. Player 1 starts the first round, player 2 starts the second round. The player who used the least number of moves to win starts a third round, if necessary. If this is tied, player 1 starts the third round.

Turns: Players move alternatingly. Each turn a die is rolled. Then you move the stone with the number you rolled. If the stone with that number is already removed from play, you must move either your stone with the next higher number still on the board or the stone with the next lower number still on the board. Example: You still have stones 2, 5, 6 and roll a 3. Then you have to move the 5 (the next higher one) or the 2 (the next lower one). You can move a stone one field forward: to the field left-and-up, right-and-up or straight up.

Removing stones: If you move a stone to a square occupied by another stone, that stone is removed from play. This can be a stone of your opponent, or one of your own stones!

End of a round: A round ends when you move one of your stones into the top square (the square in the corner of the board where your opponent started) or when a player has lost all his stones. Between strong players, more than 90 percent of the games are decided by reaching the opponent's corner.

Winner of "EinStein würfelt nicht!": If a player moves a stone into the corner square of his opponent, he wins the round. If a player has lost all his stones, his opponent wins the round. The game is won by the first player winning 2 rounds.

Author: Prof. Dr. Ingo Althöfer. All rights reserved.

Meaning of the game's name: The title is German and means "One (= a single) stone does not roll a die." But the title is also meant as a word joke, on Albert Einstein's opinion "Gott würfelt nicht".

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