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Rules of 'Territories'

Summary: Try to surround the most land squares around your farm houses. To divide the ground, you place trunks that separate the farms.

Part 1: Place the farm houses: Yellow first places 1 farm house on 1 of the 8 farm house spots. Then Red occupies 2 of the remaining 7 spots. Then Yellow takes 2 spots too, then Red again 2 spots, after which Yellow takes the last remaining spot.

Part 2: Placing the trunks:

Trunkrule 1: Place each trunk on the edge between 2 squares.

Trunkrule 2: The 2 players take alternate turns to build a trunk at a surrounding. Yellow starts.

Trunkrule 3: If a trunk has an unconnected side, then you must connect your trunk there.

Trunkrule 4: If you complete a surrounding, then you must place another trunk (so no turn change!). With this trunk you start a new surrounding.

Trunkrule 5: The first trunk of a new surrounding you must connect to earlier placed trunks and may not be placed on a side of a square with an opponent's farm (unless there is no other possibility).

Trunkrule 6: Don't spoil land! It's not allowed to build a fence that completely surrounds an area without a farm house. Each trunk must be placed in such a way that it is possible to separate farm houses! You cannot place a trunk in a surrounded area that contains only farm houses of one colour.

End of the game: As soon as all farm houses are separated from each other, both count their land squares inside the surroundings around their farm houses.

Author: Corné van Moorsel. All rights reserved.

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