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The latest action in Floriado!

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Rules of 'Floriado'

Summary: Flowers grow randomly in a 5x8 grid. Players pick the flowers to create sequences of same-coloured flowers.

Turns: Gray starts by selecting the direction of his man, and places him on the grid. He picks the flowers of that square. Then white does the same. After that, players take turns, moving their own man left, straight ahead, or right (not backwards!), to a square containing flowers. You can move as far as you like to any square still containing flowers. You are allowed to skip any empty square, as long as you move in a straight line. So you cannot end your move on a square where the flowers have already been picked!
If the player hasn't picked flowers in that colour yet, the flowers are picked. If the player already has flowers in that colour, the flowers are only picked if there are less flowers in the square than the last number of flowers of that colour picked.

Example: Gray starts on a square containing 8 yellow flowers. The flowers are picked. Then the man is moved to a square containing 5 yellow flowers. 5 is less than 8, so these flowers are picked as well. In the next turn the move is to a square containing 6 yellow flowers. But 6 is more than 5 so these flowers are not picked. White is allowed to move to this square and pick the flowers, even while Gray is on that square.

End of the game: The game ends when neither player is able to pick any more flowers, either by not being able to make a legal move, or because all squares contain more flowers than can be picked. If one player cannot make a move, his opponent continues to make moves until he can't make any move either.

Winner of "Floriado": For each colour, count how many times flowers were picked (not the amount of flowers!!). You get points according to this table:
Times pickedScore

The player with the highest total score, wins.

Example: Gray first picked 8 yellow flowers, then 5 yellow flowers, then 2 yellow flowers. He picked yellow flowers 3 times, so he scores 6 points for yellow.

Author: Corné van Moorsel. All rights reserved.

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