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Bungalow Boss

The latest action in Bungalow Boss!

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Rules of 'Bungalow Boss'

Summary: Attract tourists to your bungalow park and try to make the most profit!

Start of the game: Both players manage their own bungalow park during the holiday season. You see 1 grid per player with rooms and week numbers (the "bungalow-board"). Both players start with €400,-.

Start of a round: Each week new tourists arrive at the airport of the small but beautiful island. The tourists prefer to go to 1 of the 2 bungalow parks, but go to the camping site if the parks are full. Tourists arrive during 13 weeks. Each week is 1 game round. In a week 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 groups of tourists arrive. Each group has demand for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 rooms. You see this by the number of human figures per group. And each group wants to stay 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. You see this by the green bar at a group. The length of the green bars is horizontally equal to the weeks on the bungalow-board.

Set a room rate: Each week both bungalow parks set a room rate (week rate) for their park. You send employees to the airfield to attract tourists by your room rate. The possible rates to attract the tourists are €10,- to €90,-, in steps of €10,-. You choose this room rate without knowing the new rate of the other park. After both parks set their rate, the cheapest park will catch tourists first. (Each round the last player who made an action in the game is the first to set a rate for the new round. Then your opponent sets a price too, without seeing your choice.)

The gap between the rates gives a competitive advantage: If the gap is €X0,-, then the cheapest park starts with alternate turns of taking X group(s) of tourists. For example: If the gap is €20,-, then the cheapest park will get 2 groups of tourists first, then 2 groups for the other park and then 1 group for the cheapest park again. (As long as there are new groups of tourists available.) If the room rates are equal: Then the park who was the last to set a price, is the first to get a group of tourists. The other follows by getting 2 groups, followed by 2 groups for the first park again.

Lodge groups of tourists: When 1 or more groups of tourists come to your park, you get to select a group of tourists. You can only select groups as long as they fit in your park. If no group fits in your park anymore, then your turn ends automatically and your opponent can choose the group(s) as long as they fit in his/her park. If your opponent too cannot lodge any of the groups anymore, then the tourists go to the camping site and the next round starts. These groups always want to have rooms that are next to eachother. So if a group of 5 tourists arrives and you only have 4 rooms next to eachother free, they will not come to your park. If you don't want to lodge any groups, you can 'pass'. If you pass, your opponent gets to lodge all remaining groups as long as they fit into her bungalow park, or until she passes as well.

Income of your park: Your room rate times the number of rented rooms times the number of rented weeks is the income for your park. Your costs for the rooms get deducted from the income. The Budget rooms cost you €10,- per rented room per week. The Comfort rooms cost you €20,- per rented room per week. The VIP rooms cost you €30,- per rented room per week.

Your park is full enough: If you don't go to the airfield to catch tourists, then you don't set a price but you select "No room rate". Then you will not get any new tourists this round and you save €30,- by not sending employees to the airport. So each round in which you set a room rate, €30,- is deducted from your money.

End of the game: After 13 rounds/weeks the holiday season ends. Some of your tourists may leave later, but no new tourists will arrive anymore.

Winner of the game: The player with the most money at the end is the best bungalow park manager.

Game concept: Kristian Østby. Revision by Corné van Moorsel. All rights reserved.
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