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EinStein würfelt nicht!

Moderator: Cwali

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Grace HoursSirLawrence of GT1047105-01-2015 17:07:49
I have made my goal.Dvd Avins150631-03-2014 03:10:12
Consecutive Competitions scoring better than 10/0Dvd Avins266531-07-2013 05:45:04
In case anyone else is also strange enough to wonder about these thingsDvd Avins160230-04-2013 07:13:07
6 on 1Dvd Avins081815-04-2012 22:25:06
Pyramid tiebreaks?Dvd Avins280506-07-2011 15:35:36
Can someone explain the tiebreaker in the Competition?falluper295926-10-2010 21:34:04
When random number is gone.lhh615137722-12-2008 10:31:54
tie-breaker ruleRitsjoena4140504-07-2008 08:49:39
Resigning.Abigail8187615-05-2008 18:18:01
Another new game!Ronald8166601-05-2008 09:33:25
game author: Ingo AlthoferCwali1352530-04-2008 00:01:08
Game #32717Hans-Peter2207329-04-2008 08:03:38

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