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Beasty Beach

Image on Beasty Beach Game will not load

26-02-2012 19:28:56
I have started a Beasty Beach Game (No. 172376) and the image when going into the game will not load. I have even tried loading another Beasty Beach Game and the image will not load. Does anyone know what program update I need to carry out. All other game images will load. I have been able previously to see the image on a Beasty Beach Game over the past few days since I have joined this website but today the image will not load. I have tried the website on 3 different browsers.
Does anyone or the webmaster have any advice.
26-02-2012 20:34:34
same problem for me
27-02-2012 09:05:43
Sorry all, I made a few changes to the website yesterday and apparently I broke the code for Beasty Beach. Alas I can't do much right now as I am at work but as soon as I get home, I'll take a look at it.

My sincere apologies.
27-02-2012 10:30:19
Thanks Ronald for letting us know.
27-02-2012 19:31:02
It's fixed now. Again sorry for the inconvenience.

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