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8 Cities

While two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third runs away with it.

02-04-2012 19:13:39
That's the feeling i get from the 79th competition.

While i thought i was fighting Ronald for the top spot, seanp jumps in front like a jack-in-the-box and will win his first competition in this game.

My congratulations towards seanp.
02-04-2012 19:24:50
I'm still holding my breath waiting for your game with Ronald to end! Thanks for defeating him for me so I can claim the title...

02-04-2012 19:30:39
Wait a minute - whoever wins between you and Ronald will be equal with me - and it will come down to tiebreak!!
02-04-2012 19:35:03
You've got the best chance of being victorious if I win, because I have a lower tiebreaker at the moment.

But I was anticipating you winning our game when I wrote the post.
03-04-2012 18:26:14
It's official now.


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