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8 Cities

Is this the end of Macopi´s Realm?

25-04-2012 18:34:06
First of all...
Macopi, this isn´t personal but I love the "David & Goliat"-type stories.

After a 11-competition win streak, in tournament #21181 Ronald get the gold medal.
Then Macopi win again, again and again but, in the very excitment tournament #22176 seanp get the win.

Now, in tournament #22436 I have done my part and I´m going to get the first position.

So, what are your bets? Do you think that this is the end of Macopi´s Realm? Do you think that he is going to win again?

Ps. Excuse me if there is some language mistakes... I´m not as good in English as I am in 8 cities
25-04-2012 19:21:47
This is the second time you beat me in a Competition game, both losses resulting in me nog winnig that Competition.

I have lost C79 (tournament #22176) by losing game #173980 on time. Nevertheless it was a great performance by seanp, because he won by beating some of the best active 8 cities players.
Note 1: I would have lost that game even if I did play, but then I would have beaten seanp on tiebreaker.
Note 2: For as far as I know, that was the first game I lost on time since I started playing on this site in 2007. It was very unfortunate that also led to losing the competition.

As in C79 where I thought I was battling Ronald for the win and seanp came by and won (see forumtopic #1006), in C80 I thought I was battling Jeshko for the win and you come by. With that 2 players in a row won their first Competition, which hasn't happened since C2 (tournament #97, Batman) and C3 (tournament #264, Cwali).

It has happened before that I lost 2 Competitions in a row, but never more than 2. I’ll do my best to not let that happen.

After a period of winning 11 Competitions in a row, winning 70 games in a row and not losing 90 games in a row (87 won, 3 tied), a time had to come I would lose more often. Whether or not that means my realm is of over I would like to let the future and you guys decide.
Dvd Avins
25-04-2012 20:38:24
Is the overall level of top play getting better? Is MaCoPi exerting less effort? Is it just a coincidence?
25-04-2012 22:14:19
So I manage to beat both the eventual winner and MaCoPi and still fall short of the title. Hopefully I can repeat those victories and keep MaCoPi from reclaiming the title next time around!
28-04-2012 09:22:17
This is fun... MaCoPi isn't exactly modest about his achievements (and why should he? He performed great and SHOULD be proud!), so he painted a target on himself. As soon as someone beats him it's all over the forum.

But that also means now we HAVE to beat him! If he again wins the Competition we will never hear the end of it!
22-05-2012 19:44:24
I won again!

20-12-2012 22:33:08
Is the competition getting harder? There was a time when MaCoPi won 11 Championships in a row... not any more! He doesn't seem able to win it more than two times in a row anymore. This time it was some simpleton that doesn't even know the basics of the game who somehow managed to win the Championship (me ), while MaCoPi only finished 3rd!!
21-12-2012 14:23:11
I kinda miss those days where I could brag, but I blame this change on the lack of focus while playing the game. Also, the players who won the Competitions instead of me are all playing the Competition for a while now and recently won their first Competition which could mean the difference in playing level is becoming smaller.

This last Competition, I had Ronald beaten only neading 3 more moves to win against him which would also mean victory in the Competition if I had not run out of time.

What more to say other than the well known phrase "I'll be back", because the trend that appears is 2 wins for me and than one for one of you.
21-12-2012 20:31:27
Yup, I won because you timed out... hence my 'simpleton' comment. It's way too hard for me to beat you fair and square so I have to prey on your mistakes.

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