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Some questions about the rules

11-04-2007 14:03:12
I need some help in my daily farm-building

1) Can two farms of the same player end in the same region?

2) Can a region consist of only one square occupied by a farm, so no points are scored for it?

3) Must all squares end in a region occupied by a farm? Or, what's the same, must all regions contain a farm? (therefore the scores in a game always add up 40)
11-04-2007 14:22:58
Yes, yes, and yes!

1) Yes, they can. If it happens that a region contains only farms of the same player, that region immediately is closed and coloured in the colour of that player.

2) Yes, it can. It's great if you succeed into doing this to your opponent

3) Yes. It's illegal to enclose regions not containing a farm. Actually you will notice that you cannot make a move that would do this at this site.
11-04-2007 14:59:33

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