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Bungalow Boss

New Bug

24-10-2012 21:24:53
In game #187453, I am able to click on the people, but when I click on the people, they disappear. Any ideas?
24-10-2012 22:42:47
They don't disappear, they are placed at your opponent's field... I need time to look into this. I'll add a few days to your grace for this game, just don't make a move for now.
25-10-2012 21:09:44
This game game #187452 does it too, if that helps.
28-10-2012 09:48:08
Do you leave your browser open, and the next day reload the game?

When you were at move 11, your move 9 was sent to the server again, overwriting the original move and wrecking everything after that. I fixed it, though I had to take back a couple of moves in the game.
28-10-2012 13:20:50
could be. I actually play on three different computers, so it could be that, also.
I'll check it out and try to be careful about that.
28-10-2012 22:51:43
I made a small change to the code which should make it impossible to enter a move that has been made already again. Keep me informed of any problems though.
29-10-2012 00:20:48

It looks like what I do sometimes is enter a move but not confirm it on a computer (*stupid work is distracting me from what's really important*). Later, I'm on another computer and make the full move normally. When I return to the first computer, I hit Confirm of that previously entered move, and that could be what causes the problem.

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