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Consecutive Competitions scoring better than 10/0

Dvd Avins
16-03-2013 06:50:41
I wonder what the record is for most consecutive EWN Competitions finishing better than dead even (a 10 score with a 0 tiebreaker) in the top division.

With the current competition, my streak will extend to 11 (if I'm remembering right). I doubt that's the highest, but it could be.

Of course I've only actually WON one of them, largely because fallupper is just better than me and just about everyone else.
20-03-2013 16:29:40
11 is a record.

I will make a list with long streaks later on today.
Dvd Avins
31-07-2013 05:45:04
The streak will be broken in Competition 41. 13 straight with 2 times on top, but the best I can still hope for this time is 10 with -1.

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