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Involuntary crash

20-03-2013 14:17:10
In Game #195817 (Powerboats Competition 49, Group 1.1) I lost after taking 6 damage (with two dice on 3).

I could have avoided that by withdrawing one die (reducing the damage to 3 and continuing the race), and actually meant to do that, but it seems to me (I put it like this because I am not entirely sure - maybe I just overlooked something!) that I was not given the option and crashed directly when it was my turn.

My question:
Has something like that happened to others (in which case there might perhaps be a bug)?

Thanks for reading.
20-03-2013 19:12:02
It looks ... special.
I think you overlooked someting.
20-03-2013 23:32:42
Quite possibly: I'd better be more careful next time...

Thanks for replying.
22-03-2013 11:14:07
You boat did turn one hexside - do you recall clicking for that option?

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