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Is Mastermoves in a death spiral?

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Angry Anfield
28-03-2013 01:53:54
I love the site fellas and am approaching my 1000 game of Powerboats through MM and several hundred Streetsoccer games too.

I hope these games from MM have a future going forward as I would miss them...even if I have the physical games at home.,

Bravo for all the work you have put in Ronald.
28-03-2013 08:43:55
As we say "klein maar fijn" (small but nice). But there must be enough players to stay alive.
28-03-2013 12:36:49
I just got Linkedin message that Ronald changed job. Then we must hope that work is less demanding.
Otherwise I must learn programming ...
The tournaments I stil like.
19-05-2013 02:27:41
I hope Mastermoves keeps going in some form
I love the many of the games here and look forward to the tournaments even when I do terribly
20-03-2014 12:06:26
I'm gonna miss it, but I'm on the verge of dropping Mastermoves, or more specifically, Powerboats on Mastermoves. I don't know how much longer I can cope with just 5 moves a day excepting when a Competition starts up.

I'm not looking forward to cold turkey
20-03-2014 12:16:12
Simple solution: get all your friends to join! Drop a message on Facebook or Twitter of how much you like it here...
20-03-2014 12:35:10
Tried that. Got one of my work colleagues to join up - alphacentauri - but he's gone now.
21-03-2014 08:21:25
Thanks for the effort though.
27-03-2014 15:38:56
Maxed out 2 days in a row thanks to the Competition. Bliss. Just like the good old days!
19-06-2014 15:18:41
With not being able to register for anything, is this the beginning of the end?
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