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8 Cities

Quickest game ever?

26-06-2013 14:04:03
in game #201270, we were over in just 4 turns, because of a crazy layout.
27-06-2013 09:25:15
27-06-2013 15:19:15
It took me a while searching, but I have to dissappoint you. game #178422 was 7 moves, just 1 move shorter.

There are also game #110320 and game #114083 with 8 moves and game #71378, game #115167 and game #173885 with 9 moves.

The longest games have been game #193006 with 30 moves. Next are game #169012 and game #192683 with 29 moves. There are also 7 games with 28 moves.

Of the 16896 complete played games, 2548 of them (15,08%) have been finished in 19 moves. 9023 games (53,40%) have been finished between moves 17 and 20.
27-06-2013 19:26:10
Why did white pass in the longest game? (game #193006) He would have won anyway with a better tie-breaker. I would say: disqualified for the longest game position.
27-06-2013 21:37:12
Not only would the tie-breaker have been worse, I even would have lost the game if I connected the last city (6:7). This game is a nice example that it's possible that the only winning move is passing.
28-06-2013 08:25:48
Oops, my mistake. Sorry missed a point.

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