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Angry Anfield
18-05-2014 08:57:29
I just need to clarify what happens at Level 2 of the Pyramid.

My understanding was that if you had won against a lower level then you simply wait until the level above is ready for you to take them on.

Is it different at Level 2?

Because this is the 2nd time I've beaten a Level 3 opponent and instead of taking on the top level I've been matched up to play against another Level 3.
18-05-2014 09:58:40
From the pyramif help section:
New games are started automatically. These conditions apply:
1. A Pyramid is searched for eligible players eligible from top to bottom.
2. A player is eligible if he isn't playing a match and either lost his last match or has been waiting for an opponent for more than 7 days.
Angry Anfield
18-05-2014 10:09:54
Ok that makes it clearer.

But the reality is that if you are at Level 2 it actually makes sense to stall as long as possible when playing down to ensure that you have every chance to play up again rather than have to defend your position more than once.

Seems a little silly.
Dvd Avins
18-05-2014 13:22:56
The alternative could cause gridlock, where there were only a few matches going on at a time and everyone else was waiting. There's no perfect answer.
18-05-2014 18:53:37
Correct. Worst case scenario is that the whole pyramid could be waiting for the match between top level and 2nd level is finished. We chose this to keep matches going. It's not perfect, but we had to choose between 2 bads.
Angry Anfield
19-05-2014 00:16:18
Fair points fellas

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