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Resigning en masse

27-06-2014 04:13:00
I looked through all nine pages of this (General) forum and didn't see this issue addressed.

I feel I already know the answer, but how would folks react if a player with no chance of winning a given tour resigns all his remaining games in that tour?

The thing is, for those of us with free accounts (and the three-tour limit), it would make sense to resign completely from losing propositions so that we may enter other tours instead.
I play Powerboats exclusively and I realize that resigning in this manner would likely have an effect on other players' standings within a given tour.
27-06-2014 06:47:24
Is there no process to auto-unregister a person from a Tournament if they auto-time out on more than one or all games? Otherwise the same process will happen for every Tournament going forward that they registered to.
27-06-2014 07:19:31
Yes, if you time out in all your games you are automatically unsubscribed from the next tournament.

About resigning: well, yes, it could have an impact.
27-06-2014 07:29:52
So, maybe I'll do it a few times and see if it causes an outrage.

Actually, I already resigned my first game today, in a CotD which I no longer had any chance of winning. Awarding that game (which I was winning) to my opponent might help him, but that doesn't concern me.
27-06-2014 13:29:13
I think it makes sense if your goal is winning tournaments, or if we had cash prizes, or something like that. While I would say this in a "outrage," it's certainly not in line with my goal for playing here.

For someone like me, I am here to play fun games with good and fun players from around the world. I think of the tournaments as more of a way to be matched against (up to 10!) players I wouldn't otherwise have known to play against. I sometimes win tourneys, but that isn't really a priority for me, other than my desire to do my best in every game that I play.

So, from my perspective, I think the entire site would be less fun for me if many of my tournament games weren't played through to the end.

I don't know that there should be a rule against it, but I sure wish you wouldn't adopt this strategy.

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