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Score table

18-04-2007 20:02:26
A curiosity about the rules (I suppose only Corné or perhaps Ronald can answer it)

The score table is similar to the scoring for groups in "Land of Lakes".

I think that 1 tile is worth less than 1 point maybe because it's easy to pick just one, or maybe to break some ties that would occur more often in the final score.

But if 4 tiles are worth 5 points, it seems that following the progression 5 tiles should be worth 11. I guess Corné did some "tweaking" after some play-testing.

Well, just curiosity... (I should wait to finish at least one game before asking questions!)
20-04-2007 11:00:00
Yes, it was tweaking after playtesting. I found it important after trying much, to make that not one tactic is dominant. But maybe I will consider it again, calculating like in Land of Lakes is more logical.
03-05-2007 13:08:33
Corné (Cwali) told me to change the scoring a little bit, which will be implemented soon.

The new scoring will be easier and more straightforward: 1 tile in a colour = 1 point, 2 tiles = 3 points, 3 tiles = 6 points, 4 tiles = 10 points, 5 tiles = 15 points, 6 tiles = 21 points, 7 tiles = 28 points, 8 tiles = 36 points.

As soon as it is implemented, the scoring will change for all unfinished Floriado games, including running ones! So either you should try to wrap up your current games, or play your games keeping the new scoring in mind...
04-05-2007 01:15:43
I like the current scoring better. I can't think of another game where you can win or lose by .25. Now, we are going to get boring whole numbers? What a rip off. I want my money back!
13-05-2007 09:12:44
The new score table is in effect now, despite Goober's protests
23-05-2007 20:39:15
The example in the rules is invalid for the new table.
23-05-2007 20:48:55
Thanks, I've corrected it.

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