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Something Odd Happened

04-08-2014 01:40:32
A few weeks ago, I was in a game wherein something odd happened.

During my turn, I was in a situation where I ended up behind an opponent AND of being assessed damage to my boat because my die roll WOULD HAVE taken me into an island directly beyond my opponent, had he not been there.

In other words, while keeping me from passing my opponent, the game also penalized me for "hitting" an island directly beyond my opponent.

Surely, both could not be possible in real life?

Well, now that I think about it, I suppose one real life situation would be if someone tried to pass an opponent, ended up hitting an island/buoy/shoreline in the process and as a result still ending up trailing the opponent.

OK, so much for odd happenings, but it was a surprise to see.
04-08-2014 04:30:46
I'm not sure about the rules on this site (don't have the time to check, have to leave for work right now...), but in the boardgame, that's exactly what the rule says.

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