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Are damage points affected by resignations?

06-10-2014 06:23:35
Reference CotD 22-09-2014

Attila and I have finished all our games and he leads 2200 to my 1199. Yet, in our game, he sustained 2 damage points to my 1. I resigned toward the end of that game, having passed the third buoy.
Did his 2 damage points get voided by my resignation? Because otherwise he should be at 1198.
06-10-2014 15:04:42
Yes, resigning negates his damage points. I've implemented it like this to make any manipulation of the outcome of a tournament by resigning a game as hard as possible.
06-10-2014 15:11:47
OK, good call, but maybe you should put that in the rules. It might cost me a win here, and had I known...

EDIT: Well, there are other obscure issues that aren't in the rules, so no biggie. Although this one does affect the tie-breaking damage points...
07-10-2014 11:36:43
I see your point, and I suppose somewhere in the help section it should be mentioned that it's always better to finish a game than to resign as far as tiebreakers are concerned. We've had discussions before that some people don't see a point in finishing a game when they're already in a lost position... I'm willing to renegotiate if there is enough ground for it.
08-10-2014 08:20:40
If you're going to put it in the rules, what's wrong with stating it explicitly, ie, "Resigning will result in the opponent's (winner's) damage points for that game being voided"?

In regards to resigning in a hopeless situation, I brought up the issue a couple of months ago and I didn't see any prior forum discussion about it.

I've decided not to resign "en masse", except perhaps on those instances when the winner of a tour has been decided AND THERE IS NO ONE ELSE THAT CAN CATCH UP TO HIM. In a case like that, a resignation on my behalf will only affect my own win/loss record negatively, which I don't care about. Every other player's win/loss record would only benefit from my resignations. (I would not resign if there were still another player that could catch the leading player, because that would not be fair to the players involved.)
There is another benefit to resigning when the situation is hopeless. Besides the obvious benefit to those players who play here for free being able to play more tours, other players benefit as well by not having to wait as much for the freeloader to get his next day's movement allowance.
To that end, I'm starting to get into the habit of resigning toward the end of losing games, once I've at least passed the last buoy I could reach. What would be the point of using up the remaining one or two moves if I could instead use them in other games? I know I'm not the only player who has done this.

I don't know what you're referring to in regards to negotiating.
08-10-2014 12:39:02
I've created this site to get filthy rich... now that's not happening my second objective is to have players enjoy themselves as much as possible. By 'renegotiate' I meant that if there is a majority that would like to resign their games instead of having to play to the end forced by the tie-breakers, I could reconsider and see how we could implement things a little bit differently.

Not that I have any time to implement a change like that...
08-10-2014 23:20:37
Just to be clear, I, for one, am not advocating a change to any of the currently implemented rules. I'm only saying that perhaps the issue should be added to the written rules, although I'm ambivalent about that as well. The important thing to me is that I know how it works; whether anyone else does is really not my concern.

I have no problem at all with the damage points being voided. I can see and agree with the usefulness of this rule.

No one is being forced to finish games because of this rule. If a player thinks that damage points will be of no consequence in the final standings, then he can resign if he pleases.

It also occurs to me that there might be a desire to keep the online rules the same as those of the boardgame, as much as possible. Hence, there might be a desire to not directly address certain aspects/situations that primarily affect online play, so as not to muddy up those waters. Again, I would come down on the side of putting this issue into the rules for this online version.

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