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Anyone else not being logged in automatically?

23-10-2014 01:04:41
Is anyone else not being logged in automatically when they click on their email link?
23-10-2014 01:15:55
No. It sounds like a cookie problem..... (Or you somehow un-checked the "remember me" box).
23-10-2014 01:27:10
I'm only not logged in when I click on my email links, otherwise I'm logged in. When I use my Favorites list to come to the site I'm logged in.
I'm already in contact with Ronald about this, I was just wondering whether I'm the only one.
24-10-2014 07:56:35
Everything's fine now. Some kind of weird glitch.

The site had me logged in whenever I would come here through my Favorites link, but not if I came here by clicking on the email links.
Finally, after coming here via one of my email links, I went to the front page and logged in - and now everything works fine again.

Drove me crazy for a couple of days. Had me logged in if I used my Favorites link, but not if I used the email links.
24-10-2014 11:42:05
what about difference "mastermover.eu" vs. "www.mastermoves.eu" ?
just tried it and I am not logged in while using one of them
24-10-2014 12:43:30
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