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Championships of the Years

13-04-2015 14:50:40
All the Championship of the Year winners:
2007: anwi, Cwali
2008: strizz
2009: Sn0tty
2010: Ben AFC
2011: Angry Anfield
2012: ruiferreira, Speedo
2013: Nase
2014: dougforte

So, the list by number of Championship of the Year victories is:
1x : anwi, Cwali, strizz, Sn0tty, Ben AFC, Angry Anfield, ruiferreira, Speedo, Nase, dougforte

Who will reach a second Championship of the Year victory?
13-04-2015 21:58:58
This year, no one, because it will be me.

So, I was just looking at this list yesterday and noticed that three of those names do not appear in the Hall of Fame list.
I suppose they changed their screen names, which seems to be easy enough, looking at my own settings options.

Who are you now, SnOtty, Ben AFC and ruiferreira? Show yourselves!
13-04-2015 22:26:17
Hall of Fame points only last a year. So if these players no longer play, they will have lost all their points by now.
13-04-2015 23:16:29
(And the names at the old tournaments change too if you change your current name.)
13-04-2015 23:30:23
Ah, OK.
10-04-2016 15:49:57
Almost, but it was not to be.
So long, it's been fun.

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