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Email notices

24-07-2015 07:12:06
I've had some messages from players that their email notices are not working properly. Sometimes they seem to work, sometimes they don't. I'm trying to fix this.

In the meantime, don't trust too much on the notices, just visit the site once a day to make sure there's no game waiting for you...

Sorry for the inconvenience.

24-07-2015 20:02:27
Surely you mean once an hour.
26-07-2015 21:08:56
I think I may have fixed this now... let me know if you still don't get emails.
27-07-2015 03:33:55
Today was the first day in a long while in which I seemed to be getting all my turn notices, and in a timely manner.

This problem actually started a while before the server change, although the change seemed to have broken it completely. Double checking by coming to the site was something I had already gotten used to for a good while.

So, it seems to be fixed now.
04-08-2015 20:50:02
One thing I've never gotten at any time since playing here, is a turn notice at the very start of a game, if I'm the yellow player (in Powerboats). And I'm not sure about the red player either.
Not that this matters much to me, as I visit here at least a half-dozen times a day anyway.
05-08-2015 06:53:05
I don't think you ever got these on the old server either... well-spotted!

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