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Street soccer reported game over too soon.

08-08-2015 20:16:20
I haven't figured out when it does this, but sometimes it says "Game Over" when my opponent still has one move left.

One time, my opponent scored on that move (I don't think it put us into overtime, but it would have been pretty ironic if it had).

It just happened again in this game:

08-08-2015 20:38:37
And here's another one, where I didn't click "confirm" in case you want to look into it...

game #239609

Correction. This one it really was the last move. Sorry about that.
09-08-2015 08:03:21

I hadn't noticed it myself, but I'll keep an eye out for it.
12-09-2015 18:48:10
Here's one where I remembered not to click confirm:

game #240275
16-09-2015 19:48:39
I'm going to have to take a day of vacation if this isn't resolved soon (not a problem, I can spare 10 easily).

Hopefully, you will let me know when you've done all that you have decided to do (including doing nothing.....).

16-09-2015 23:36:52
You can play the move, I have registered the details and should be able why this is shown incorrectly.
20-09-2015 10:27:19
I managed to find the problem... it only occured after a goal was scored in the second part of the 24th move. Then after the goalkeeper kicked the ball in the first part of move 25 the 'Game over' message was shown. It's fixed now.

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