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FACTORY FUNNER (crowdfunner edition)

05-09-2015 15:33:13
For the current Factory Fun fans and for future Factory Funner fans:
At https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cwali/factory-funner-crowdfund-edition you see the crowdfund campaign for this game.

Rectangular machines made *FACTORY FUN*, but hexagonal machines make *FACTORY FUNNER* !
In this game for 1 to 4 factory managers (5 when we reach the 1st extra fund goal), you select and install machines in your factory. Connect all machine input and output pipes to the right reservoirs or to other machines, to build the most profitable configurations. But keep an eye on your factory's future!

It's an exclusive print: The printrun will be only 20% more than the number of backed games. So be in time!
26-09-2015 21:03:53
I want ask your attention for the online (solo) version, programmed by Josh Riley. He made an excellent version, which really deserves more players. (7000 games played already, but this special game is fabulously programmed which should be more widely known! Give it a try, it's as amazing!


At that page bottom is a link to the Kickstarter page with everything about the boardgame. More than 500 backers join already, let's make that 1000. It ends next Friday!

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