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reset goalkeeper

17-03-2016 10:34:14
Hi folks,

when a team scores why is not possible to reset goalkeeper? In the original game rules is possible to do so. In brettspielwelt is possible to reset goalkeeper after you score: both teams can reset its goalkeepers. Why here is different?

Thanks for reply
17-03-2016 23:05:01
At brettspielwelt there are a few ugly mistakes and bugs. I don't know if it still is available at that site. I should tell to delete it.
In the 2002 printrun both goalies did go back to their goal after a score. In other printruns not. The game is much more tactical without moving back to the goal.
18-03-2016 14:45:29
I agree with you, but I think it should be the same for the team that conceding goal. Otherwise it's a clear advantage for this one.
18-03-2016 21:36:31
Yes, but a compensating advantage for the team that was just scored against makes for more interesting games....
19-03-2016 00:06:47
That's the way I see it, too.
20-03-2016 13:04:02
my way or ecowarrior one?
20-03-2016 17:13:09
ecowarrior's way.

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