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Where is MaCoPi?

26-03-2016 13:48:28
Hi there!

Does anybody of you know what happened with MaCoPi? I always enjoyed the games with him. Competition 100 was the last one he took part so probably his stop was intentional.
If anyone here knows him personally I would be happy to learn more if he intends to come back some day. To win the competition just doesn't feel so valuable without him.
26-03-2016 21:57:03
Hi there! Ronald summoned me!

I always liked our games as well, you pushed me to my limits and you often managed to surprise me.

My (temporary) retirement wasn't really planned, other things in life started to take up more time which meant less time for these games. This made me time out a lot of games (all my losses in C99/C100 were time outs), which made me decide to stop.

Since life settled down again, I guess I could make my comeback. I already sent you the invite.

As you noticed, I haven't played in little over 2 years, so I'm probably pretty rusty!
27-03-2016 03:03:41

I'm happy to hear that life settled down and I'm looking forward to a lot of exciting games.
28-03-2016 20:26:48
22-04-2016 13:51:53
He is definitely back.... tournament #41675

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