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Bug un game #249077 vs florish

09-04-2016 23:52:36
In that game I throw a 5 and I want to move the man near the ball 2 step left then forward to the ball. If I click the man e then the ball he moves two step forward, then 2 left and then one stap back... I don't want do this... what I have to do to play the roll af the die at its best?
10-04-2016 05:18:07
You don't need to change anything.

If you try to kick the ball where you want to, he will move optimally to the ball during the "replay".
10-04-2016 11:48:57
No, i want to move the man 2 steps left and then kick the ball forward with 3 points left. It doesn't let me do this: if I click the man, and then the ball, the sistem move the man around for 5 square through the longer path to reach the ball, so i cannot kick the ball forward 'cause i haven't points anymore... I think it is a bug in the sistem
10-04-2016 11:51:00
ok... now it works... it's ok. Thanks!
23-05-2016 03:01:10
Hi, guys!

Is anyone interested on creating a active group (facebook messenger, whatsapp...) to schedule regular matches?

Sometimes you want to play it faster (almost in real time) and dont wating for a turn, that sometimes takes hours or days...

Please, comment!
24-05-2016 10:28:11
Nice idea, just keep in mind that if you are a 'Normal' player, you will burn your 50 moves very fast...
24-05-2016 13:15:36
Ronald, can I get an upgrade to 50 moves a day, since I only get 40 a day.

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