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Can no longer play on Android phone.

06-07-2016 18:36:10
For some strange reason I can no longer play on my phone. I cannot select a player to move. Quite annoying since I'm on holiday.
07-07-2016 20:53:58
I recently had a private message about that as well, but alas there's not much I can (or will) do about it. The site was never designed to work on a mobile device, and I was quite surprised it was working pretty good anyway.

There were no changes on the site recently so if anything has changed, it was on your device. Are you using the default browser or Chrome?

Anyone else having a problem or can you still play on your device?
08-07-2016 07:36:56
I have an android phone and can report that I was able to move several months ago.

I haven't tried recently, though...

If no one else writes back, I'll test it tomorrow.
08-07-2016 07:40:33
I can play on my phone using IE...
24-07-2017 17:32:56
This is a year old thread, but I just want to report that on my Android phone I can play, but not with Chrome. Chrome does not detect clicks if there's any zoom applied (which is mandatory in a small device such as most smartphones). Anyway, I tried with Firefox and it works fine, zoom included!
27-09-2017 09:45:37
Thanks for the tip, I'll try another browser.
04-10-2017 18:41:53
it doesn't work on my iPad anymore either. does that also count as a mobile device?

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