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8 Cities

Bug in end of game?

15-10-2016 06:00:35
I'm confused in this game:

game #255416

Why is the game over after I play J6K7? Can't black play J0K1 or H5J5?

I am going to play J6K7, no matter what. But I would like one of the following to happen before I move:

1. Be told why the game really is about to end,

2. Be told that the "Game Over" message is wrong and the game isn't going to end, or

3. Be told that the bug has been fixed.
15-10-2016 12:27:41
This is indeed a bug, because J0K1 or H4J4 are indeed possible after Ronald his last move is erased by you blocking him.

I think the problem is that you are blocking the last possible moves Ronald can do, thus tricking the game in thinking it should be over. But after your turn, Ronald does have possible moves, so the game shouldn't end. Seems like Ronald needs to seperate the checks for the current road having the possibilty of reaching a new destination and the check to see if any player can make a move with the current situation on the board.

Don't make the move before Ronald reacts here, because it would impact the outcome of the game.

Props to Ronald for creating a situation that hasn't happened before in 9 and a half year and 22.800 games of 8 cities...
15-10-2016 15:37:04
Yup, it's a bug. I'll get back on this. Don't make a move.
18-10-2016 15:19:00
I haven't had time to look into this yet. I've added some time to your grace time so you won't time out while you are waiting.
21-10-2016 20:22:02
The grace time is coming up to 24 hours again, so further action is warranted.

Just an idea, can you manually erase your 2 road segments but still have it that it's eco's turn? That way the game can proceed like it should.

If that is possible, you can recreate a similar situation at a later moment when you have the time. Given the fact this is the first time a situation like this occurs (I assume), fixing it isn't high priority.
21-10-2016 20:54:22
I seem to recall at one point Street Soccer would say "Game Over" one move to soon and it was just a UI issue. The game actually continued. Is there any chance that this is happening here? That if I go ahead and make the move the server will correctly identify the game as still going on and let Ronald move?

In any case, I'm going to take a day of vacation. I haven't used any vacation this year, so it's no sacrifice (although it is holding up the tournament, and that's important, too). After that, I'll probably just move, since it's not like I can win the tournament anyway, and no one is going to be promoted-demoted, since there's only one section.
22-10-2016 12:49:37
Drat, I was too late adding more time and the game timed out. My apologies. And because it also meant the end of the tournament, everything has been processed and it will be very hard to roll back.

Still, I will look into the bug.
23-10-2016 11:51:22
Don't worry about it.......

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