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tile 12 not found

01-03-2017 13:41:04
Update: made a new bug report when the bug grew.

For a while, after I enter a move and hit "confirm", it gives me a blank white screen and says, "tile 12 not found" I then go manually back to the top page and everything looks fine. My move was entered.
When I go to the next game, the same thing happens. I was able to get through most of my games this way.

Eventually, though, I got a similar message when click on a game from the game room. The numbers vary now, "tile 2 not found," "tile 1 not found," etc.
01-03-2017 18:27:22
I'm noticing that there are debug statements which keep changing, so I think Ronald is working on it.

Also, I notice that only Gipsy King is affected, so if you click on the triangle next to the "confirm" button and select "Same game of the same type" you'll notice it less often.
01-03-2017 18:41:27
Yup, I was working on it. Sorry for those debug messages, but this I could only figure out on the server.

It appeared that somehow PHP suddenly interpreted the text from the database in another encoding. I suppose my hosting provider changed something in the settings. Thanks for that.... NOT!!

Anyway, I think I fixed it now.
02-03-2017 23:35:57
Yep. Working perfectly now. Thanks!

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