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Streetsoccer #260738

04-04-2017 23:53:03
I believe the position after move #5 is not legitimate, since the ball is not reachable without leaving the field. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
05-04-2017 02:03:10
For what it's worth, I concur. What an unusual play. After the player moves, it looks fine, but the "keep the non-goalies out of the net" rule moved the player into an illegal position.
05-04-2017 10:09:07
Well, I didn't move the player myself.
As ecowarrior said, it was the "keep the non-goalies out of the net" rule which moved my player.

But don't worry ! Whatever your next move will be, I will have to play the ball.
05-04-2017 10:50:42
I'd love to hear Cwali's opinion.....
05-04-2017 16:01:23
It shows how difficult is to predict all possible cases during programming. We required 10 years of tests to encounter the problem
05-04-2017 18:04:11
I know it's an uncommon position which possibly never appeared before. I wouldn't have made a fuss, if your position wouldn't prevent my goal. ;-)
11-04-2017 11:00:28
My time is running out and it seems no one responsible has looked into this issue. I guess I'll have to move, so I don't lose in time.
11-04-2017 12:11:48
I wouldn't move. If you'll lose by time, Ronald can easily set this back once he'll get to it. (At least I think he can.)
12-04-2017 06:57:53
Sorry for not responding sooner... I was hoping Cwali would comment on this.

But even if this would appear to be illegal, I'm not going to fix it in the code. It would be a seriously difficult thing to program to forbid a move like this, for a situation that apparently hasn't occurred in 10 years previously. What I could do is undo the move and ask to make another move that wouldn't result in this situation.
12-04-2017 09:24:29
I say the outfielder who played the ball which was at the goal line, should have moved 2 steps to the other side, according to rulebook details which aren't at this website.
But best leave it as it is.

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