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Our most loyal players

06-05-2017 15:13:07
As I mentioned in the News-section on the 'My Games' page, we are running for over 10 years now. I would like to thank you, the players, for keeping Mastermoves going, even despite the fact that I haven't had the time to develop the site further or add new games for a long long time now.

I was wondering who would be the players that have been playing here the longest, and are still active. Much to my surprise the top 10 of them all signed up in the first week we were live! So a big thank you to these 10 players who have been with us for all 10 of those years:

Meaf, anwi, SMLooking, Batman, Mosse, strizz, Nase, Honved, florish, Björn.
06-05-2017 17:52:25
Congratulations, and thanks for this great site!!!
06-05-2017 18:31:25
Congrats guys. I first came here 7 days after the launch.
07-05-2017 19:50:18
Congrats to everyone, and ourselves.
08-05-2017 13:26:58
Congrats !

As I am concern, I registered in 2009 (8 years ago !) and play only Streetsoccer.

Thank you all !

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