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Expansion Rules and Hard Landing

19-06-2017 01:06:09
Hello all,

I was trying to translate the Powerboats Expansion rules into Italian, when I noticed something.

When a boat flies due to the redoubt, the rules say you crash if you land on a land hex or on a redoubt hex.

Now, several other options may be possible while landing:
1. on a buoy;
2. on another boat;
3. on a low-water tile;
4. on a current or maelstrom.

I'd like to know if someone has houseruled something about that.
IMO, if a boat lands on a buoy or a low-water tile it crashes as well. If the boat lands on another boat, BOTH boats crash and are out of race. If the boat lands on a current or maelstrom, it is safe but is pushed in the direction of the arrows.

Anyone has a different point of view?

Thanks in advance,

21-06-2017 18:57:14
Buoy, yes that should have been mentioned too. With the other three I would keep the ruling alike the rulebook rules, though your house rules are thematically logical too.
21-06-2017 19:49:48
Thanks for your reply, Author. :-D

So, if I understand well, the boat crashes if it lands on land, redoubt, and buoy.
If you land on another boat, no damage is taken, by anyone.
If you land on a low-water tile, you get damage based on the number of rocks underwater.
If you land on a current or maelstrom, your boat turns in the directions of the arrows.

I'm not sure about the "boat on boat" case, though.

EDIT: After second thought, do you mean that the boat that lands on another boat is simply moved one space behind?
23-06-2017 11:12:57
Answer: Yes. If that is land/redoubt/buoy, the boat crashes complete. BTW: In *Powerships* I changed that, giving damage which means a lower dice maximum in *Powerships*, so that elimination isn't possible anymore in *Powerships* (except with the Comets expansion tiles (which are alike moving "islands")).
24-06-2017 02:28:47
Thank you, although you skillfully skipped my other question about the boat on boat. ;-)
Anyway, I'll upload the Italian translation onto BGG soon.

EDIT: Uploaded to BGG... and approved! :-D

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