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crowdfund for *Roll to the Top!* at Kickstarter

21-11-2017 21:36:01
The crowdfund for this new Cwali game started: *Roll to the Top!*

In this dice game, with 4-, 6-, 8-, 12- and 20-sided dice, you try to complete your climbing challenge fast.
The video at the page top tells you all about the game and the many different Challenge sheets.
This game may look easy, but has surprising depths!

You can try out the online version (linked at the Kickstarter page) to practice against the AI or play against others (turn-based).
((After the crowdfund, the online version is only free for the backers!))

Thanks for your help with the former crowdfunded games *Powerships* and *Habitats*. These are sold out, but a few you can get in this crowdfund. (see the pledge levels)

greetings from Maastricht,

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