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No more email

28-11-2017 13:54:31
My hosting company (one.com) has informed me that sending emails from Mastermoves has been suspended because spam has been send through the site.
I have to look into this to try to stop this, but until then please be aware that there will be no reminder-messages for your games.
02-01-2018 12:02:29
Quick update: my service provider wants me to secure EVERY form with a Captcha before allowing email again. That would mean a Captcha every time you want to post something on the forum, or add a comment in a game. I'm still trying to figure out a way to avoid that: I think once your logged in, you shouldn't be bothered with stuff like that. Still discussing things with my ISP. But so far no progress so no email yet.
03-01-2018 09:01:00
Captures for comments in games? No way!

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