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Disconnected road left floating?

31-08-2018 20:44:09

game #273089

After blocking the route, three segments disappeared properly, but after playing my second segment on one of the disappeared segments, the third one has reappeared.
31-08-2018 23:18:25
Interesting! I strongly suspect it has something to do with the fact that you played on top of one of the removed segments.

Hard to debug completely from just symptoms, though. I'm sure that one of the actual moderators will have something to say.....
31-08-2018 23:19:30
(I just re-read you comment and realized that you also thought it had to do with your play on top of the disappeared segments. Didn't mean to try to steal the credit.)
01-09-2018 08:02:05
Interesting! In over 10 years this has never happened before!

Anyway, can you just ignore it and play on? I think it will resolve itself.
05-09-2018 16:52:18
I have seen this before, in one of my other games, last year I think.
This bug is harmless, because the floating road can never be reconnected again by the "owning" player, and because it will disappear again after the next move of the opposing player.

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