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Cannot register in daily tournaments

22-10-2018 02:47:34
for Powerboats, if I look at My Games, I see only matches for Competition and Pyramid tournaments.

However, if I look at the number of tournaments I am subscribed to (right box), I see a '3'.
Also, if I go to the Tournaments page for Powerboats, no button is displayed under the current Day Tournament, and if I click on the date link, I get the message that I have reached the maximum number of tournaments.

I have thought about the possibility of a previous daily tournament that is not yet finished by the other players, but I don't know how to verify this possibility.

Could you please look into it?
22-10-2018 05:14:06
Yes, looking at this page, I see that you are "in" three tournaments, including a daily tournament for 14/10:


However, looking at the tournament for that day, I don't see any players or games:


So this looks like yet another problem caused by the database issues.

I hope Ronald has a chance to get this corrected....
22-10-2018 18:55:59
I appear to have the same issue. I'm only registered in the 8 cities pyramid and competition, but my tournament count is 3 as well. I believe you used to stop having the dailies count against your limit once you finished your games in the daily.
22-10-2018 22:49:18
That is true that it should not count against you. I think that the daily never actually started -- you were the only entrant or something went wrong -- and the db didn't notice and clear it from your slot count.
22-10-2018 23:15:45
Yes, I think it's a db error again. Anyway, I started the games for the Daily tournament #54235.
23-10-2018 18:53:49
Ah, it appears that tournament #54231 never started as well.
24-10-2018 08:09:10
That one has started as well now.
24-10-2018 15:18:34
Thanks, Ronald!
08-11-2018 20:23:55
Thank you, but now that the Daily tournament has finished, I cannot find the button to enroll in the 09 November's tournament...

It seems I have still one match to play in the old tournament. Sorry.

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