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8 Cities

Breaking one of MaCoPi's records

10-03-2019 00:22:55
Congrats to SMLooking for dethroning me in the 8 Cities pyramid, ending my streak at 26 defenses (tying MaCoPi's second best run).

While I didn't achieve my goal of surpassing his best streak of 30, I did manage to retain it for 11 months and 14 days, just two weeks short of a full year, surpassing MaCoPi's time of 7 months and 14 days.

Another one to break would be the average number of defenses per ttime at the top, with my average now ending at 9 (27/3), compared to MaCoPi's of 5.41 (146/27).

Gotta take some small potatoes when his other records are essentially untouchable in terms of total wins in all three 8 Cities tournament types. I'm painfully aware of my own pitiful record against him of only 22 wins vs 71 losses.

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