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Gipsy King

Scoring of the lakes

28-04-2007 01:57:53
Can someone tell me why in game 2496 it says the score of the lakes is 10 - 0. It looks to me like I won 2 of the lakes. Maybe I'm missing something. Thanks.
28-04-2007 02:20:50
The whole body of water is considered a lake. That means that the 11 and the 6 are part of the same lake. Those two are worth eight points and your opponent beat you there 3-2.
28-04-2007 02:21:07
I see you winning only one lake. That is #4. Too bad for you that lake is worth zero points.

Only the lakes with the sail boats count for scoring.

Also, if more than one lake is connected, that is considered one lake for scoring. So, in your game 8-5-9 is one big lake. While you have more campers around lake #8, you don't have more around the big lake made by 8-5-9.
28-04-2007 13:44:19
Thanks thought it was just ones which connected to the ones with the boats.
28-04-2007 15:37:42
You also know that when score is equal, nobody gets the points?

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