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Gipsy King

exciting competition

10-05-2007 19:43:11
It is still unclear who will win the second league competition, and still unclear for the last 2 places. Next season a few players more, 2 strong new players in the highest league. I like the competition with this game. We should find more players. for it. Spread the word. But then it can be heavy to stay in the highest league.
11-05-2007 00:25:18
As you add more games, you will find fewer players in each Competition and Pyramid. This is because they count against the 15 tournaments allowed as a Master. Right now, if I want to play in every Competition and Pyramid, I only have 5 tournaments allowed for the Daily Tournaments.

Add more games and the situation gets worse.

Since I don't know your business plan, site load limits, etc...., I can't say what the solution is. But, it is clear to me that you need to come up with a solution. Otherwise, you are not going to get full participation in the Competition & Pyramid.

I don't think it unreasonable to allow all paying members to be part of the Competition and/or Pyramid. Non-paying members...they should be limited.

Like I said, I don't know what you should do. But, please do something before more games get added.

11-05-2007 00:28:10
Of course, if your business plan is to add so many good games that you will force people to pay for Grandmaster status to play them all, then you are either very brilliant or very shortly out of business.
11-05-2007 10:35:22
The plan is to add more games and to get more players. Not everyone does/will play in each type of tournament in each game. The competitions I already like with the groups of players now, but more players/leagues I would like too.
There are ways to find more players in the future. One is inviting friends by filling in the email-address in the invitation on the My-Games-page. So let us all do that!
11-05-2007 10:37:01
Goober, life is all about making choices. I think 15 tournaments is a fair amount. Even as we add more games, I can't imagine you like all of them and want to play in every competition. So you have to choose. Choose between being able to play in a daily (smaller number of competitors, smaller number of games but generally ends faster) or play in a Competition (more competitors, more games but lasts a little longer) or play in the Pyramid. Corné and I are currently discussing the Pyramid format but I'm going to open another topic for that.

Anyway, if you really want to play the Competition in all games, then in the end your only choice will indeed be to become a Grandmaster. If you don't want to pay for that, which is a fair choice, you have to choose which games to play and which to skip. Just make your choice, that's all there's to it.
12-05-2007 01:57:16

Thank your for explaining life to me. I really appreciate it.
12-05-2007 13:31:01

Sorry for being patronizing though...

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