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both players on the same square

15-05-2007 19:50:46

in game http://www.mastermoves.eu/game.php?gameid=2471&moveno=28

both players are on the same square. Is that allowed or a bug? The rules do not explicitely state that you are not allowed to end your turn on the same flowers as your opponent but I always figured that both pawns could not be placed on the same square.


- Arne -
15-05-2007 20:09:12
Yes, it's allowed. It doesn't happen a lot because usually you will pick the flowers of the square you end up in but if you can't pick the flowers, your opponent is free to move to the same square, and even pick the flowers.
15-05-2007 20:15:34
Rules: "White is allowed to move to this square and pick the flowers, even while Gray is on that square."
15-05-2007 20:39:21
In fact it is in the rules already. "... players take turns, moving their own man left, straight ahead, or right (not backwards!), to a square containing flowers." No mention is made of whether the square is occupied or not. That being the case however, a clarification would be nice. I encountered this before and I was pretty sure you were allowed to occupy the same square together, but not entirely sure.

One other thing, I don't really like the graphics in case this happens. I can't find the game it happened anymore, but my figure was looking up and Meaf's figure was looking down. It looked awfully like a 69 position.
15-05-2007 21:30:19
Ah - thanks for the clarification. Changes tactics a little.
15-05-2007 22:47:32
@guyhill: you see what you want to see But you have a point. I once had a game where both figures were on the same square facing the same direction. One was covering the other and it looked like the other was missing... Especially confusing because it was mine that was covered. I'll see if I can do something about it.
16-05-2007 09:40:57
If both players end up on the same square facing the same or opposite direction, they are shown next to eachother now. If one faces up and the other faces left, I don't think there's a problem so then nothing changes.

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