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28-05-2007 10:29:02
And one more request:
Different view of Edit link for empty and already filled game notes (e.g. Create for empty notes and Edit otherwise)
28-05-2007 18:20:34
I've changed the button to 'Save' and added a 'Cancel' button. You can also edit your gamenotes when it's not your turn. But I didn't change the link: I think 'Edit' is clear enough, even when the game notes still are empty.
28-05-2007 18:24:51
Fine, thanks
I was not aware that game notes appear at game page (not only in the separate window). I noticed that there are troubles with page layout for very long strings - a wrapping would be a solution.
28-05-2007 19:27:12
With 'long strings' you mean long words. If you use some spaces, the wrapping is automatically, I think. At least it is in IE..
28-05-2007 19:52:25
Yes, I was talking about long words. I agree it is easy to avoid them. My message was just a warning that generated web page may be corrupted.
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