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Amount of running games at My Games?

30-05-2007 14:57:01

If you enter My Games, you will see all your running games and even all on one page, if you choose the *.

But... how many games are there? You wont see it that easy and have to count by yourself. Or change to the Settings page.

If you use the standard view at My Games, its not that difficult at first sight, as one page contains 10 games, but if you have 3 pages, is it 21 or 30 then? Might be useful to see that beneath every page, as open games are limited for certain, poor people like me ('')
30-05-2007 15:01:50
If you are interested in the number of non-tournament games you are playing at the moment, you can find that at your 'Settings' page at the 'Mastermoves.eu' section.

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