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Rules change: sink at 4 points of damage

16-06-2007 08:47:35
From now on you will sink if you receive 4 points of damage (instead of 5). This will only apply to new games (game# > 5654), all running games still use the old rule.
16-06-2007 18:17:06
Can I ask (or did I miss the discussion?) - what is the reasoning behind this change?
17-06-2007 00:05:39
There was something in the forum about it, somewhere.

- The fear to sink played a very small role in the game. I want that you sometimes feel the fear to sink. I once sunk, but only because I experimented with using many dice while my opponent was far behind.
- With the old rule (5 damage points was sinking) the rule played almost no role in the game, because with 5 or more damage points you would not win. So it was the same as resigning the game because you loose.
- I try to have only rules in the games which play a role. That means or it must influense your tactics or it must happen during the game. 5 was a 'round' number, better than 4 for that reason, but I want that it plays a bigger role. With maximum 3 damage points sinking still will not happen much, but I think it will give a bit extra tension.
01-07-2007 01:13:21
I think game game #6664 may be the first of mine where it made a difference. I rolled a three when I only had room for a 1 and took two points of damage to sink me at 4 . Yes I had taken excessive risks earlier, and was half-asleep when I made this move... but I think I might still have rolled it anyway on this turn as strizz was close behind, and in a better location...
02-07-2007 16:27:04
Hey, I hadn't realized you had sunk. Otherwise I would have come to your rescue with a lukewarm coffee.
18-11-2007 00:23:19
I'm happy with this new rule. And I will prefer only 3 points, because if you crash the boat you're not a good driver. Then be careful with the high velocity. I love this game
19-02-2011 04:46:57
Its interesting to see how years ago the founding fathers struggled with how to create the rules of boating that would define this pursuit for generations to come. General Washington, when he crossed the Deleware in his own boat could not have been more calculating in his maritime strategies

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