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Beasty Beach

Dots are not that easy to read

30-06-2007 10:11:08
Hi! As previously said, I dont like the dots that much. A clearly written number from 1-5 is easier to handle, although of course all animals of one kind do have the same score...
30-06-2007 10:30:50
mussel: 1 energy point
shrimp: 2 energy points
fish: 3 energy points
sea-star: 4 energy points
crab: 5 energy points

I made the dots less clear to make it look like part of the beach instead of dots.
As reminder you can see the points next to the board when you move your cursor over an animal.
30-06-2007 18:17:17
The script that shows the value of a tile, and the cost to get there doesn't work when I view in Firefox (, but works in, for example Safari...
30-06-2007 18:21:09
Doesn't work for me either. I'm using FF2.0.0.4 on a Windows XP machine.
30-06-2007 18:35:10
I think I fixed it... Firefox doesn't support innerText...
30-06-2007 18:37:24
seems fine now, thanks!
30-06-2007 18:52:38
Works for me as well!
30-06-2007 18:57:50
Confirmed - thank you, much better now!
Don't have to worry my little green head with counting.

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