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Beasty Beach

Looks nice

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30-06-2007 17:06:03
The ; ) will be returned to , but with '% crab %' (without the spaces) the crab will remain:
30-06-2007 17:06:26
@meaf: that's a good Dutch solution But there is one row under the text (plus the "more"-link). We can do 2 rows.
30-06-2007 17:11:26
That what Ronald said is what I meant and how it currently works except for : )

My idea is to keep both. (you have only one now)

2 lines of smileys or shuffling the smileys should work.

I agree does not really look like a crab (I could not draw one either). At first glance I thought it was a monkey and expected the hand to go up and down.

What about an animated version where it extend its scissors to the viewer and cuts?
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