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04-09-2007 11:05:56
Hmmm.... 'Streetcricket'.... would that be interesting? Probably not. Sounds like a LBW to me. Howzat?
04-09-2007 13:40:54

04-09-2007 17:33:06
Actually, give me team colors over unlimited games anytime. Unlimited games are easy to find. Great implementations that are worth playing endlessly are not so easy to find.

A comparison of perks:

"slower time controls" - I like to play my games not wait on someone to log in every 3-4 days. Winner: mastermoves

"Ratings" - I've seen way too much ratings manipulation at LG for me to care a lot about this. EVEN.

"Larger set of potential players" Numbers don't lie. Winner: LG (for now)

"Unlimited number of games" - Sure it would be nice but I'm playing predominately on Mastermoves now and I get plenty of gaming. If I played more than I did now I'd be fired. Winner: LG

"Tournaments that start as soon as there are enough players" - Six of one, half a dozen of another. Both ways of starting tourneys are fine with me. EVEN

"Operators that listen and respond to the users of the site" This is possibly one of the most underrated aspects of this site. Winner: Mastermoves

"Street Soccer Implementation" - I prefer the team colors. It adds personality to the game. I prefer the much more strategic variant of MM to LG. Having the game show me all of my possible moves takes away so many decisions; not to mention skill. A better player will do much better on this site than on LG. Winner: Mastermoves.

My LG playing has been seriously cut back since playing here. I'm just not finding myself caring about it as much. Who knows, the same may happen to this site in a couple years too but for now this is my predominant gaming site.
L.A. Galaxy
04-09-2007 20:11:44
Ive had the same experiences and feel exactly the way you do!
One additional perk:

We have the greatest team in the history of modern streetsoccer playing on this site!!! In our championships. Of course that is:

FC Cwali. The Dutch 'Glamour Club's record at LG is phenomenal!! Something like 5out of 8 championships in teams history over there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05-09-2007 01:00:33
Batman, Ronald, jedwards and others: you're totally missing my point. The fact that you prefer MM over LG is clear. I'm not arguing with that. Whether I find MM or LG 'better' doesn't matter either. But jedwards posted a note wondering why so many people keep playing Streetsoccer on LG instead of moving to MM, while MM is "obviously" so much better.

I was just pointing out some differences. I'm not saying this site is better, or that site is better. But given that so many people keep playing on LG (even after the several weeks of downtime a couple of months ago) instead of moving must mean that at least some of them prefer LG over MM. For them, LG is "better". And that's got to be in the differences, not in the similarities.
L.A. Galaxy
05-09-2007 01:58:11
Abigail, I went over your posts on this topic and I see what your saying,I think...
I believe the point your trying to make is with some of those additions, that could draw more new players to this site?
I believe thats what your saying?
If so, that could indeed perhaps be helpful to R & C down the road. Very least, something to take a look at and consider, yes?

Perhaps people prefer alot of games rater than one or two they really like, I dont know..... but like Ronald said mastermoves is really only getting started too....
Its kinda hard to get any concrete evidence either way it seems...
07-09-2007 20:05:14
When I joined MM, I was not interested in playing streetsoccer. I only joined the pyramid, but joined many tournaments in all the other games. I had played a lot of games of Streetsocer and wanted to try others.

I think people can be more interested in playing games they can't play elsewhere, and won't change from one site to another (after having his/her rating, tournament level, etc. there) unless the new site offers the same games with MANY improvements.

Just my humble opinion...
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