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Option: Invisible score

04-07-2007 12:38:20
Wouldnt it be a nice option to play Floriado with an invisible score? If you play the board game, you also dont calculate the score after each movement on a score track or whatever... You have to do it on your own or leave it until the end ''
04-07-2007 12:42:14
Personally I would keep track of the score anyway because it's important what way you'll move. And in this case, it's not so hard to do anyway. So why give people who are good at calculus an unfair advantage?
04-07-2007 15:36:29
I agree with Ronald. I don't see any benefit or value in not knowing the score as you proceed through the game.

11-11-2010 05:54:55
I know I'm adding to some very old posts, but I just had to put something here. I made my own set of Floriado using poker chips in stead of cards with the flowers pasted on them. For scoring, we found the easiest way was to NOT score while playing. At the end of the game, we simply compared stacks and discarded stacks that were the same. For example, my stack of red flowers matched my opponents stack of blue flowers so we simply put them aside and did not count them. The only stacks that were actually counted for the score were those that did not match. I might have left a stack of 7 yellow, 3 purple and my opponent might have 5 red, 4 purple, etc. The scores are figured for these stacks only using the chart copied from this game site.

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