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Beasty Beach


04-07-2007 17:05:43
Is there a tiebreaker for this game? If so, what is it? I can neither find it in the rules, nor in the tiebreaker help page. Even if there's no tiebreaker for this game, that fact ought be mentioned in both the rules and the tiebreaker help page.
04-07-2007 17:14:19
Then we forgot to add that.

In case of equal score both players get 1 tournament point.

The tiebreak points for tournaments is the difference between the scores of both players. So if the endscore is 33-28, then the winner gets +5 tiebreak-points and the loser -5.
04-07-2007 20:45:15
Forgot to upload the new tiebreaker helptext. Did it now.

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